A Wax jacket is an essential item for cold and wet weather. Like any outdoor garment there are some great ways to take care of your wax jacket to ensure it’s longevity from season to season. Here are some top tips for looking after your wax jacket this season.


  • Seasonal re-waxing is the simplest way to ensure continued weatherproofing and to maximise the lifespan of your wax jacket.
  • Re-waxing also helps treats old wax jackets that may have picked up unwanted odours over time due to the wax coating. As wax is a natural substance it will alter over time.


  • Do not wet jacket too much or use warm water as may remove the wax coating.
  • Do not use soaps or detergents
  • Do not wash in washing machine or Dry clean as this would permanently remove the wax coating and re-application of the wax coating will not be possible.

Re-waxing your wax jacket can be easily done at home by following the below steps:

Ladies wax jacket

Fallon Wax jacket in Olive : Autumn Winter 18 collection

Step 1.     To remove loose dirt or grit, use a soft brush and lightly brush away. For stubborn dirt or grit, sponge down the jacket with damp sponge and cold water.

Note: It is preferable to do the re-waxing in a warm room so wax stays melted longer.

Step 2.     Wipe down the outside of the jacket with sponge and cold water. Remember not to use warm water.

Step 3.     Open lid of wax and out the tin into a bowl of boiling water.

Caution: Don’t let the water touch the wax.

Step 4.     Using a sponge or cloth start with the back of the jacket and dab the wax onto the jacket in small amounts.

Step 5.     Then apply to the collar and sleeves next.

Step 6.     Fold over the sleeves across the back and turn over to the front. Wax the front of your jacket.

Note: Give extra attention to the creases in cuffs and inside seams of pocket flaps as well as all seams. These are the areas that see more strain.

Step 7. Wipe off any excess wax with a cloth or alternatively hang the jacket up where it isn’t touching anything. Place a newspaper underneath the hanging jacket, and then gently blow dry the jacket. This process melts away the excess wax which will fall onto the newspaper.

Step 8. Always leave your jacket to hang for a day before wearing so as to allow the wax time to set.

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Written by: Dionne,

Garment technician at Jack Murphy Clothing

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