Jack Murphy: The Brand

As a third generation Irish family business, we are passionate about creating beautiful, purposeful clothing that is made to last. We make trend-proof, sustainable ‘slow fashion’ womenswear and menswear collections focusing on quality fabrics and styles.

Known for our signature tailored design in outerwear and occasionwear collections, featuring waterproof and waxed jackets with complementary styles using Irish tweed and wool based fabrics. Many of our styles are perennials, and we continue to be inspired by longevity and functionality compounded with style and precision tailoring.

Family and heritage are extremely important to us, and we take pride that these values are evident in the design and quality of every piece we produce. We aim to capture a sense of comfort, self-expression and pride when wearing Jack Murphy and in doing so pass this joy and jacket on to the next generation.

“Born in Ireland, made to last... Feels like home”

 Jack Murphy Coat

About Jack

Jack Murphy began his career in the garment industry in the 40’s, specialising in corsterie.

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1922, he like many at the time, served in WWII. He was a radar controller in the RAF, travelling all over the world to places such as Burma and Japan. After returning from the war, he moved to seaside town Skerries, Co. Dublin with his wife Frances and there he started up his own niche corseterie business.

Jack’s son Michael joined him in the business when he was 17 and began learning the garment trade. Design, pattern cutting, sewing, sales and distribution; they did it all from the factory in Skerries. With this knowledge of garment structure and ladies fashion, and taking the outdoor functional military attire into consideration, soon the Jack Murphy brand was born.

Now a third generation Irish family business, Jack Murphy specialises in outerwear and occasionwear apparel with a particular focus on tailoring. Whether it is an oversized rain jacket or a full length tweed coat; functionality and reliability are still intrinsic to the design, but not at the expense of style and tailoring.

Jack was a family man, so it’s no surprise that Michael, his son and Sarah, his granddaughter are now continuing his elegant legacy.

Each piece still carries Jacks personal signature of authentication.

Jack Murphy Signature

Jack Murphy Pic