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our heritage

Born in ireland, made to last, feels like home

When you wear a Jack Murphy, you don’t just wear a garment—you wear a story, a legacy, and a commitment to sustainable living. We hope that the joy and comfort you experience will be passed on to the next generation, just like our garments.

We invite you to experience the Jack Murphy difference—crafted with love, worn with pride, and passed down through generations.


Jack Murphy’s journey into the garment industry was anything but ordinary

Born to a fish merchant in 1922, Dublin, Ireland, Jack joined the RAF as a radar controller. Stationed in Hiroshima, Japan during WWII provided him with a unique perspective on purposeful clothing and world culture.

Upon returning, he began his career specialising in corsetry during the 1940s.


the foundations are laid: A Family Business Takes Root

Jack fine-tuned his expertise in women’s garments at Leethams, a prestigious lingerie manufacturer in Dublin. Later, he moved to Skerries with his wife, Frances, setting up his own corsetry and lingerie business. There, he took his operation to the next level by merging his specialised knowledge in garment structure with functional design elements inspired by military attire.

The brand emerged as a natural progression from these diverse influences. Jack had laid the foundation for what would become a family business.


Setting the standard of high quality craftsmanship

In the early days of Jack Murphy’s business, every aspect of garment creation was an in-house affair. Clothes were designed, cut, sewed, and packaged, all under one roof. Michael, 18 at the time, joined his father and began acquiring a range of skills, from pattern-making to distribution.

This comprehensive approach ensured that Jack’s signature blend of quality and style was embedded in each piece that left the factory.


A Gap in the Market Shapes the Brand's Future Direction

Michael began expanding into outerwear, initially upcycling and reselling army surplus garments across Ireland. His travels, often characterised by unpredictable weather, led him to identify a gap in the market for quality outdoor and camping gear.

This would shape the future direction of the Jack Murphy brand, contributing to its evolution as a leader in fashionable, functional, and sustainable clothing.


Continuing the Tradition through generations

Jack Murphy was never just about clothes; it was about family, passion, and meticulous craftsmanship. Learning from Jack’s legacy in corsetry, and Michael’s experience in outerwear manufacturing, Sarah followed in her father’s footsteps by joining him in 2018. Nearly 100 years since Jack was born, the brand that has taken his name has become recognised for quality and style both in Ireland and internationally.


Our journey has evolved, but our roots remain the same

From Jack’s original focus on corsetry to Michael’s pivot into outerwear, we have consistently strived for innovation while respecting our heritage. Now in its third generation, we’ve developed from Jack’s beginnings, Michael’s expertise to Sarah’s contemporary leadership. Our core remains unchanged: timeless elegance crafted with an eye for detail.